Domino Printing Sciences plc is a Coding and Marking Company – a global expert in industrial printers. Specializing in digital printing and traceability solutions (such as industrial coders) for sectors as diverse as food, beverage, life sciences, packaging, personal care and building.
Domino offers digital printing solutions that are designed & engineered to minimize operator intervention and maximize your throughput. Print high-resolution variable data such as bar codes, serialization, 2D codes, QR codes, addressing, personalization and graphics.
In a bid to improve on customer service delivery to its growing clientele in the region, Domino Printing and Marking solutions entered into a business agreement with us; encompassing the sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of Domino Coding machines deployed to industries in this region.
Domino is one of the largest international producers of laser coding technology, has pioneered the use of sealed CO2 laser coding systems and with the addition of fiber technology. Their complete coding machines offer solutions to help customers grow their respective businesses.
CO2 Laser
Domino Printing’s D-Series i-Tech range of CO2 laser marking machines deliver flexible, high speed, high-quality coding across a wide variety of materials, with the ability to produce multiple lines of text.
D120i – tech Laser Coder
With the capacity to produce multiple lines of text at a rate of 800 characters per second, the D120i laser coder can increase the coding efficiencies of manufacturing production lines various industries.
The advantages of this fast and high-performing machine include its ease of integration into existing production lines. It features a new i-Tech scan head, which works fast yet is small and adjustable. Meanwhile, its flexible connectivity provides the capacity for remote control.
D320i-tech Laser Coder 
Coding and marking solution that is designed to fit in limited spaces and integrate into a variety of production lines.
The compact D320i laser delivers improved performance and multiple lines of text at 1500 characters per second. With the smaller, adjustable i-Tech scan head, flexible connectivity and familiar interface, this dynamic machine is used in diverse packaging and processing lines, from state-of-the-art beverage fillers to toughened glass production.
D620i-tech Laser Coder
A high-quality laser coding system for a diverse range of applications.
With multiple lines of text at 2000 characters per second, the Domino class-leading D620i can print high-quality codes at fast speeds. Its i-Tech modular design features separate components to ensure the laser provides an ideal partner for growing and demanding packaging and processing lines.
Domino Fibre Laser
For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-Series fibre laser system.
Domino F220i Fibre Laser 
The F220i fibre laser machines deliver crisp, clear codes onto a range of plastic materials – including flexible packaging – and metals.
Flexibility is a key feature of this high-performing, precision laser marking model because it produces multiple lines of text, graphics and 2D data matrix codes.
The combination of very fine spot and high pulse power peaks (of more than 12kW) ensure the utmost precision. It can take on very hard materials but is also fine enough to mark with a delicate touch.
Domino F520i Fibre Laser
The F520i is a reliable and efficient laser coding solution. When a large number of high contrast characters need to be coded, the 50-watt F520i is the first choice for manufacturers across the food, beverage, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.
While its bigger brother has battle-tested in on the beverage sector, the F520i is the utility player in the F-Series lineup, hitting the sweet spot in several different sectors. This is specifically designed for high-quality, abrasion-resistant marking on foils, metals and sturdy plastics.
Domino F720i Fibre Laser
The laser coding solution for aluminium beverage cans
The F720i is Domino’s latest addition to its range of high-performance, high-speed fibre lasers. Designed to deliver clear, legible and durable codes on aluminium cans, and with an IP65 rating.
The F720i fibre laser is especially suited to survive and even thrive in aggressive beverage environments laden with humidity, temperature changes, dust and sugar-laden air.
Capable of delivering high-quality codes onto 100,000 cans per hour, this laser marking system is focused on delivering the requirements of the high-speed beverage canning sector.