Our Conveyor Solution Package

ADECO provides our customers with bespoke, effective and efficient solutions to their packaging conveyor needs.
Supply at ‘best in market’ prices, very high-quality conveyor Chains & Components manufactured by SystemPlast a world leader in the manufacture of conveyor chains & components
We have a number of in-house Service Engineers who have undergone intensive technical trainings at our SystemPlast facilities in Germany.
We help our clients to get the maximum achievable lifetime out of the conveyor chains & components by offering technical advice and training on best practices and continuous improvement activities such as:
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Repairs
  • Overhaul
Supply of a Comprehensive SystemPlast Product Portfolio
Supply of a Comprehensive RegalRexnord Product Portfolio
RegalRexnord® Conveying Systems
RegalRexnord® Conveying Systems
Our Conveyor solution is focused with a drive towards assisting our customers to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), achieve sustainability goals and improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their conveyor lines.
We have a range of packages that cover both existing and new/modified conveyor lines
    • Maintenance Audit/Agreements
    • Interventions – repairs, upgrades & overhauls
    • Packaging line layout analysis
    • Packaging line layout planning/design

Conveyor Technologies

Conveying Chains

Our System Plast® conveyor chains are engineered to high quality and performance standards. Wear resistance, mechanical strength, operating temperature and coefficient of friction are all important considerations.

FlatTop Chain Sprockets

Molded and machined sprockets available in a variety of teeth and bore sizes. They are also offered for all plastic chain and modular plastic belt products. Our products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment.

Modular Plastic Belts

Modular Plastic Belts provide the capability for wider conveying surfaces in addition to increased load ratings versus chain. Our broad offering of standard and heavy duty models provide a multitude of product conveying solutions.

Modular Belt Sprockets

Modular Plastic Sprocket and Idlers are a very important part of the conveyor system. They must be designed and manufactured properly to create an efficient conveyor system.

Guide Products

Our bead or roller guides and combiners provide excellent problem solutions. Used for areas on a conveying line where products tend to crowd together or jam. Side guide brackets in thermoplastic and stainless steel materials help guide products through the conveying process.

Conveying Components

Regal manufactures a broad product selection of right angle gearing products including bevel, miter, hypoid-helical and worm options. Additional stock and custom solutions are available in various material and gearing ratio options to help you choose the proper selection for your desired solution.

Modsort® Systems

The MODSORT station is an innovative low-noise, low voltage modular transfer and diverter station. It can easily integrate with new or existing material handling systems, eliminating the need for a lift, pneumatics, or Z-direction position feedback devices, and can help achieve energy savings from 50-60% when integrated with a motorized roller-based system.