Electrical Services

With our broad range of experience and in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering, we provide a wide range of electrical services which includes Electrical Drawing, Low Voltage Panel Building, Instrumentation and Calibration, and Plant & Field Devices Installation.
  • Electrical Drawing: We develop and design electrical drawings to the customers’ demand and needs. In Adeco, we modify existing electrical drawings to conform with national and international standards. We audit electrical drawings, develop and replicate the existing drawings.
  • Low Voltage Panel Building: We are specialist in load estimation, panel sizing, panel upgrade and replacement using quality components with a professional touch following clients’ preferences and specifications.
  • Instrumentation and Calibration: We calibrate devices such as CO2, NH3, CO, CH4, H2S, and O2 sensors, weigh scales, flow meters, and pressure sensors for the smooth running of our customers’ production processes.
  • Plant and Field Devices Installation: We deliver one of the best and cost-effective plant installation in the food and beverage industry within West Africa sub-region. Our Engineers have received intensive training and abreast with up-to-date technical knowhow of different machine designs to fit various customers’ needs.