Heuft – a global technology leader in the manufacturing of inspection machines has appointed ADECO as the sole Technical (installation & maintenance) and Sales representative of Heuft systems, to ensure renowned HEUFT high-quality technical support to all the numerous clients in Nigeria and some other West African countries.
Empty Container Inspection
Perfect empty containers are essential in order to keep the quality and product safety of drinks at the highest level.
Compact HEUFT InLine systems and Canline sysytem make sure that only perfect containers arrive at the filler.
Heuft SX
Empty bottle sorting for full brand purity.
Heuft InLine II IXS
X-ray assisted premium empty bottle inspection for unprecedented detection reliability.
Heuft InLine II IS
The new standard for a superior empty bottle inspection on a HEUFT level.
Heuft InLine II IR
Your affordable entry to a true empty bottle inspection on a HEUFT level.
Heuft canLine
Empty can inspection for increased product safety and productivity.
Full Container Inspection
Proven functions for checking and inspecting full containers safeguard product quality.
Serial fault detection and continuous monitoring uncover losses in the performance of the filler/closer system before the efficiency and productivity of the complete filling line suffer.
Heuft ONE
Your entry to a compact full container check based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II Technology.
Compact full container check with self-explanatory user guidance.
Fill management based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II Technology.
Heuft Squeezer QS
Leakage check with brand changes at the touch of a button.
Heuft exciter
Ultrasonic fobbing for examining whether the closure leaks.
Faultless dress. Optimum appearance: Aligning, applying and standing out: the labelling machines of the HEUFT TORNADO series makes this possible!
They carry out the clean and exact application of attractive wet glue, hot glue and wrap-around labels on filled beverage containers. For this, the latest servos carry out a fine bottle alignment with millimetre accuracy.
Easy to integrate add-on modules check the quality of the newly labelled full container in the same work process.
Wrap-around labelling with servo technology.
Heuft TORNADO S flex
Self-adhesive labeller with servo-controlled rotating cam.
Heuft TORNADO W flex
Wet glue labelling machine with servo-controlled fine bottle alignment.
Heuft TORNADO II Classic
Versatile labeller based on the highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II
Heuft TORNADO II Dynamic
Genuinely responsive labelling results: semi-modular labeller with voice control.
Product Package Inspection
Perfect inside. Outside too: Unmixed, intact and safe to unpack: returnable crates should not contain too many non-brand bottles and no foreign objects whatsoever, not pose a risk of injury, be straightforward to empty and look their best.
HEUFT systems for a detailed empty case inspection and rejection ensure this. Therefore only perfect returnable crates are re-used. The result: top-quality end products and maximum line efficiency.
Heuft LX
Returned case inspection for drink crates free of non-brand bottles and faults.
Heuft LKX
Specific examination of the crate design.
Heuft GX
Full case inspection for outer packaging in top shape.
Fault Rejection
Discharging, rejecting upright and distributing: HEUFT has a suitable system in the range for all cases. Faulty or non-brand containers and products cannot get past them.
The spectrum extends from compact single-segment rejectors to extremely powerful multi-segment rejectors invented by HEUFT.
Heuft Mono
A cost-effective single-segment rejector which removes full and empty containers reliably.
Heuft Flip
For the rejection of full and empty containers of all sizes
Heuft Maxi-flip
Rejects empty, half-full or completely full cases each an equal distance onto parallel conveyor chains.
For the sorting or upright rejection of empty containers as well as the distribution of empty and full containers.