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A Verder company which is an innovative manufacturer of stainless-steel pumps (Packo Pumps) & equipment appointed ADECO as their sole representative for Nigeria and the West African market.
Packo Pumps is an industry specialized in the researching, designing and manufacturing of sustainable and innovative industrial stainless-steel pumps and other industrial stainless-steel applications. Their pumps rank among the best in the world in terms of hygiene and reliability which makes them the leading choice in pumps when it comes to areas of hygiene.
They develop and constantly improve more pumps tailored to clients for diverse applications. Packo is specialist in stainless steel centrifugal pumps and milking machine components. They manufacture general Industrial pumps, Hygienic pumps, Air-handling pumps, Pumps suitable for the pharmaceutical industries, pumps for trucks & special motors and pumps for abrasive liquids.
Packo Pumps
Packo Pumps

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