Our Solar Products

ADECO Project Engineering B. V. West Africa Limited makes the following world-class Renewable Power Solutions Product options available to her esteem customers at affordable cost:

Hybrid Inverter / Chargers

We offer a wide spectrum of smart, efficient and cost-effective inverter / Chargers which finds applications in residential and industrial sectors. These inverters ranging from 1kVA to 100kVA come in single-phase or three-phase configurations.
Hybrid Inverter

Solar Panels

ADECO Project Engineering B. V. West Africa Limited guarantees the high-quality and best performance of photovoltaic modules deploying only superior products from top OEMs in the industry. We are unique among our peers due to a wide range of photovoltaic modules in different performance and technology we offer.
Solar Panel


We focuse on deploying batteries made only from the highest quality materials and components. We offer all batteries technologies ranging from the Lead-acid (VRLA) to the Lithium ion batteries from leading battery manufacturers in the industry.

Charge Controllers

The quality and topology of the charge controller determines the overall efficiency of a solar power system. This is why ADECO Project Engineering B. V. West Africa Limited is in partnership with leading names in the manufacture of Charge Controllers.
Charger Controller

Street Lights

Our Solar street lights are second to none with a warranty period of three years and life span of 25 years. Being powered by embedded Lithium Batteries, the system reliability and efficiency is guaranteed.
All In one Solar

Support Structures

Our support structure, made from galvanized steel and Aluminum, assures you of a corrosion free structure that can stand the harshest of weather in the country.