Our Solar Solutions

ADECO is in partnership with leading brands in the renewable energy industry and strategically positioned to offer high-quality and complete solar power solutions ranging from 250Wp to tens of MWp that are cost-effective and give huge returns on investment over time.
Our solution packages include domestic solar power solution, industrial solar power solution, solar street lighting solution, and solar carport solution.

Domestic Solar Power Solution

ADECO Project Engineering B. V. West Africa Limited offers a self-sufficient Solar Power solution, ranging from 250Wp to 2MWp, suitable for supporting the energy needs of her customers for domestic use. Our Solar Solutions is classified under the following:
  • Off-Grid Solar Power Solution – Suitable for remote locations
  • Grid-Backup Solar Power Solution – Suitable for Urban areas.
  • Hybrid Solar Power Solution – Suitable for Urban areas.

Industrial Solar Power Solution

Our Solar Power Solution is suitable for medium and large scale commercial rooftops or ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. With the compact design and power boost function, our Inverters / Chargers can provide extremely high efficiency, thus offering a faster return on investment. Our solutions range for 15kVA, single or three phase, to 2MVA.

Solar Street Lighting Solution

Our Integrated Solar Street light Solution incorporates the newest design, solar panel, led lamp, battery and controller all in one without any cable. It can be installed easily, what you need to do is to put them on the pole or wall, install and maintain.
With the high-efficiency Germany Bosch monocrystalline silicon solar panel, long life and high capacity lithium iron phosphate battery with theoretical service life between 5-8 years, good performance on high temperature, long service life, ensure the service life of the entire product. This design is available in the range of 30W to 120W that can be used for paths, roads, street lights, highways etc.

Solar Carport Solution

Solar carports are overhead constructed to cover car park territories and are totally different from any other form of the parking garage structure. Solar carports have numerous things which are similar to ground-mount solar boards, but basically, the carport is designed to function as a parking space and a solar energy generation point.
One of the great advantages of solar carports is that it eliminates the need for any surface area for the arrangement of the panels. Majority of residential apartment or commercial apartment prefer to have their car park area constructed with solar panels thereby having 2 in 1 solution.
Our Solar Carport come in 2 variants:
  • Water Proof Solar Carport
  • Non-Water Proof Solar Carport